Small Business Support Hotline

Our Small Business Support Hotline provides small business owners with direct access to business information and resources, business advice, business mentoring and a wealth of experience gained from supporting thousands of small businesses over the last 20 years.

The Small Business Support Hotline only engages trusted business advisors who know and understand small business. Their business advice is sound, practical and tailored to suit the needs and situation of the small business owner.

Quality Business Advice

Start up and existing small business owners are welcome to book a Small Business Hotline Phone Consultation to discuss the correct approach to business set up, business strategy, business planning, business finance, accounting, bookkeeping, BAS and tax related requirements of small business.

Small business development is possible with the correct advice, the right financial resources and diligent and consistent preparation of good bookkeeping and accounting records kept up to-date on a monthly basis. To be able to successfully complete any business development the small business owner must have the capacity to work on the business and not just in the business.

Right Business Advice for you

The right business advice and ongoing business mentoring need not be expensive and is to often overlooked as a valuable and important resource to provide small business support that is so essential to survival and avoiding the many pitfalls that await many businesses.

Action steps to take today

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